SureFire Illumination Tools

Light is a critical part of field ops. Whether you are performing a recon or trying to prep your gear, having the right light at the right time can be a game changer.

One of the best companies manufacturing lights today is SureFire. Their quality, durability and innovation are legendary. Some of the best special operations units, law enforcement, and high risk teams in the world use these products.

I usually carry in my ruck a SureFire 6PX Pro. With its 200 lumens max output and easy on/off it's a great tool to have.

SureFire 6PX Pro

Another light I carry is a head lamp made by SureFire. This one was a present from a friend: the SureFire Minimus Headlamp. He gave it to me after another handheld SureFire I had was ran over by an LAV (don't ask...). By the way, check his visit to the SureFire factory.

SureFire Minimus Headlamp

SureFire also makes suppressors, high capacity magazines and writing instruments. Yes, pens. They have the same quality and amde with the same attention to detail as their lights.

SureFire Pen II