My visit to RESCO Instruments, 2013 edition

My visit to RESCO Instruments, 2013 edition

Last year I went to visit RESCO in Coronado, CA. It was a great visit. This year I went to southern CA for work and I figured I pay John and Jeff a visit. They are both fun people to be with and as a plus side, being a watch guy, seeing Jeff work his magic on those Patriots, BullFrogs and Red Circles was a great experience.

So, I crossed the bridged and on I went.

Crossing the bridge to Coronado, CA

RESCO Instruments

The cool thing about going there, besides spending time with great people (including a member of a great unit in our armed forces), was getting to see in person all the current models RESCO offers. I own a couple of Patriots Gen 1 and a Patriot Gen 2, so it was really interesting to see the PVD version of the gen 2, the BullFrog in its different configurations and both the Red Circle and the RC-TAC in person. Let me tell you, they look WAY better in person. The little details on the case, the hands, the face... You can't see them from pictures.

Here you have some I took, apologies for the low quality, I didn't have a good camera.

And here are some random pictures of the shop. There is a lot of Frogmen stuff, well.. Owned by a US Navy SEAL...

It was a great visit. I learned a lot both from John and Jeff, how the watches are built in Coronado, the process for testing them, the new movements used by RESCO...

And I had something done on one of my Gen 1s.... A one of a kind, custom made Patriot. I wanted something that had the Red Teams blog in it, so I had a customization on my stainless steel Gen 1 Patriot: Sterile face and red hands. Sterile because my team and I work without anyone knowing who we are, and red hands to symbolize the red team we run. Here it is, next to my Gen 2 Patriot. Thanks guys for making this happen!

My Gen 2 Patriot next to the Red Teams Gen 1 Patriot

Oh, and here's a preview of the upcoming BlackFrog. Black lume, it's really good.

EDIT: And because a lot of people asked me about it, here are the pictures from the 2012 visit.


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