Red Teaming and the Adversarial Mindset: Have a Plan, Backup Plan and Escape Plan | ITS Tactical

The class, “Red Teaming and the Adversarial Mindset,” was a solid overview of what Red Teaming is and how it works. In addition, it covered how the practices and thought processes used by a successful “red team,” can also benefit an individual when applied to the decision making processes we all face every day.

One of the attendees of the Red Teaming Mindset course a few weeks back was Matthew S., one of the contributors for ITS Tactical. Here's his review and recount of the course.

Thank you Matthew and ITS Tactical. And thank you everyone that came to the course!

The important take-away from covering these three aspects was that while attacking one aspect may possibly grant you success, attacking all three will almost definitely grant you success. It is also important to be able to sift through the data you’re able to collect about a target, since the pile of information can quickly become overwhelming. Efficient organization skills, an ability to remain focused on your overall goal and proper planning are key.

And, while you are here, check the slides I used for the presentation.

Plan. Execute. Vanish.

On Planning