Red Teaming the Plans

One of our first projects was done for an organization that asked us to take a look at their plans. Originally they asked us to focus on the short term plans, namely for each quarter, but after a couple of projects we did for them we were asked to provide a Red Team assessment of their long term plans.

Part of this organization deals with security of high value executives and in the past they have had problems with their planning. By tasking us with the assessment, they wanted to know that at least their current plans were as tight as they could be, and that they were prepared for problems with different contingencies.

In this particular project we did for them, we were tasked with actually testing their plans. Not just analysis of the plan and a report back with the analysis, but actually acting on whatever we found during the analysis. They wanted us to test their readiness.
For this, we split the team in two. One part stayed with the customer to work on their plans and talk to their team and management, and the other part went to Afghanistan to prepare the assessment and test their readiness if needed.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of the post. I just wanted to put this out there. We are almost back on track with the blog.

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