One of the things I mentioned on the Fieldcraft for Digital Ops is blending in.

Coffee places are a double edge sword. They can provide a perfect spot for blending in, they have free and readily accessible internet connectivity and you can remain for the most part anonymous. They can also make you stand out, and in certain cases they can be dangerous. A lot of hackers roam these places trying to get usernames and password from people connecting to Facebook, their email, their work computers, etc.

If you are performing a digital recon, collecting OSINT and generally not really performing any specific action against your target (port mapping, vuln. scanning, web crawling, etc) then cafes can be a good place. If, on the other hand, you are going to touch your target in any way, stay out of coffee places.

In the picture above, I was performing a physical recon and while at it, I was writing an article for SOFREP.

Stay safe.

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