Dalton Fury "Dozen Leadership Secrets"

I can't remember if I posted this already, but regardless it is good to read it again. If you don't know who Dalton Fury is, you better go search now.

The 12 leadership secrets are a good compliment to the Rules. Here's a preview:

DF Leadership Secret #7 - Manage the Boss

Elite special operations units spend as much time on what to do on target when things go bad as they do with the primary plan. For well-trained units, most plans do in fact survive first contact. A gunfight rarely should drive a switch to Plan B as it is expected on high risk missions. This holds true when the luxury of extended mission planning is in play – think UBL hit in early May 2011.

But the majority of special ops missions are intel driven with launch triggers that appear rapidly and with little notice. Commonly referred to as In-extremis Assaults, where a few minutes are spent viewing a signature on a UAV feed, superimposing a numbering system on a fresh satellite photo, and moving to the vehicles or spinning helos. These are only possible when the operators are well-tuned on standard operating procedures, understand the contingencies, and are well aware of what their teammates will do in certain situations.

Extended planning or in-extremis, managing the boss on target is equally important. Don‟t let the boss get cold feet just because you hit a SNAFU. Develop and work through your contingencies well ahead of time. When they are needed, before someone hastily calls to abort or retreat, remind your boss that you have already anticipated the problem and are prepared for it. If he wants to remain on the helo during the assault, or in the employee lounge, that‟s fine. But on target, or on task, you‟re driving until you need something from the boss.

Thinking like an adversary: a better security posture.

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