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Most of you are familiar with the Rules. Like you know I had originally 12 rules. It all started with a joke: when in doubt, red team it.

Several readers asked me about the idea behind them and how I chose those specific rules, so here it is: the original 12 explained.

The Moscow Rules

​My rules set in motion a huge number of messages and emails asking about the reasons for them, the theory behind them and others questions.

I compiled the Original 12 Rules as a way to list the most common things I needed to remember during my work, my time in the military and while doing things I like, alpine climbing for example.

The main idea was taken from the Moscow Rules. The *Moscow Rules* is the name for rules said to have been developed by the CIA during the Cold War to be used by spies, mainly in Europe. Apparently there were 40, however they were never written down, at least not officially.