Packing light

We've talked about packing light already. But paking light is one of those things we take seriously. It allows you to move fast and be fluid.

One of the things you need in order to travel light is proper clothing. Over the years I realized that spending money in good quality things makes a difference. Good kit and good clothing works.
When I travel light I usually bring clothing that is stylish and also easy to care. Clothing that can serve a multi-purpose: business casual, urban style and movement. I don't want my movement to be in anyway impeded by clothing.

Here you can see an example of this. a 7 day long trip that had some business casual meetings, with some site recon and presentations. I took with me a simple "kit":

  • GORUCK GR2 (could have taken a GR1 for this clothing, but the electronic gear I needed was a factor)
  • Bluffworks Chinos. Simply put style meets utility. Great travel pants. 2 pairs.
  • Arc'teryx Atom LT Hoodie. Light, warm and compressible. Perfect.
  • Olivers Apparel briefs (2 pairs), all over shorts and Convoy Tshirt. Olivers make the best shorts. PT, swim and do everyrthing. Their underwear is the best, dry fast and moves freely.
  • 2 pairs of Smartwool socks
  • Arc'teryx A2B shirt. Stylish, easy to clean and tough as hell.
  • Triple Aught Design Sector Polo. Fly under the radar, stylish and warm polo.
  • Arc'teryx Captive Polo LS. Again, stylish, easy to care for and tough.

For shoes I had on me a pair of shoes tha can be dressed up or down.

Simple, light and fast.

EDIT: here's a good video with a straight example of how to choose your clothing for packing light.

Loadout: Alpine

Light is fast