When in DE...

We recently had a bunch of projects in Germany. As opposed to the general belief, there are speed limits on their road, but they are usually high speed limits. You can drive fast and efficiently.
Well, except if you have a volvo driver in front of you. They still drive faster than the local flavor - read US-based - volvo driver, but still they go several KM/h below the speed limit. It is a world-wide pendemic. Volvo drivers... There should be a law that bans them from even entering a freeway, highway or other roads where more than one can can drive at the same time. I mean, they should be restricted to drive in their own driveway and done.

In any case, Red Teaming projects in Europe are more fun than in the US because people tend to be a little more aware, making the projects more interesting.

In terms of gear, it's a whole different world. There are strict laws and rules about the RF gear we could use, surveillance gear, etc. We had to really plan well what we were going to being and declare everything. We found ourselves really relying more on our brains than our gear. We didn't have much.
Also, and I like this, Germany's law states that any Wireless network has to be encrypted. Sure, you can find some WEP and WPAs out there, but it's hard to find an open network. It's good.

Overall, we had a good experience, and the security teams of our customers were very receptive to the results. Something we don't always see here in the USA.

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