SEREPICK Bogota Pi Toolset

We've been using SEREPICK's Bogota Picks since I can remember. They are simple, durable, easy to carry and easy to use. They simply work.

I've been trying to get the team to go through one of SEREPICK's courses and this year will will do.

I sat with them yesterday, just to have beer and talk about something we are both passionate about. They attended the Red Team Mindset course and we were meaning to get together some drinks. Maybe we'll do a combined course or training. It is in the air. Maybe at the ITS Tactical Muster... Who knows...

Anyway, on the way out, I got this as a present: a Bogota Pi Toolset.

Wow, what a great tool set to have. Light, portable with the quality expected from SEREPICK. I'm going to try them soon.

Now, go to their site and get good tools.

They are out there... And then some...

Emerson A100 and Mini A100