Last Resort SERE kit

I recently began testing the Hard Case Survival SERE kit.

This emergency, last resort kit is by no mean the full thing, but it's a good backup. It comes inside a standard US flag patch and it contains:

  • Plastic Handcuff Key
  • Ceramic Razor Blade
  • Kevlar Cord 135 lb. test (48”)
  • IR Glint Patch
  • Leader Wire (36”)
  • Key Style Handcuff Shim
  • Diamond Single Edged Dog Tag

You can attach the patch to you ruck, vest, jacket, etc and have a last resort mini kit always handy. In this one I will remove the dog tag and leader wire.

I'm still putting together the team's mini SERE kit using the Mini SERE Pouches from Law Industries and gear from Vigilant Gear. More on that soon.

To know your enemy...