Getting ready

Getting the kit ready for a project. In the GORUCK GR2:

  • Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants and Shirt
  • Arc'teryx H·150 Riggers Belt
  • GORUCK GR2 Pocket with trauma kit, E&E kit and personal IDs (passports, etc)
  • PT Military Bump Helmet with ops-core VAS Shroud for night optics
  • 9mm kydex holster
  • Asolo boots (not in the picture, see below)
  • Mechanix gloves (not in the picture)
  • Arc'teryx LEAF Alpha jacket (not in the picture)

Since I don't need ballistic protection on this one (I hope), the vest and ops-core ballictic helmet stay behind. I only bring the bump helmet, we'll be riding on and off helos and fastroping into places, so a good protection for the heal is critical.

The Crye Precision pants and shirts are some of the best I've tried on the field.

If you can, invest on the kneepads. They are invaluable. Check a good friend's solution for the kneepads coming undone.

The Asolo boots are perfect for both urban and mountain terrains.

And in this GORUCK 32L Kitbag, we are bringing some Red Teaming specific gear. A full post on that coming up very soon. Thanks Logan for the Rogue Patch!

They are out there

GR1 and the 9/11/11 GORUCK Challenge