The Five Modes of HACKthink | OODA Loop

HACKthink is the name I use with to describe applying a hacker’s mindset to solving complex problems or finding innovative solutions. It is derived from the original endearing definition of hacker, which implies someone who likes to tinker and take things apart to figure out how they work and to make them better.

As a white hat hacker for over 25 years, I’ve applied HACKthink to a great many information security and technology problems, but have also used the same approach to thinking to solve hard problems in other domains. In addition to HACKthink being used an an overall methodology for decision making, risk reduction, and opportunity development – there are five unique sub-modes that can provide value as stand-alone elements. After all, problems are just opportunities with a different risk profile.

This is one of the best articles I have seen about mindset, red teaming and the different ways to applying the adversarial mindset. Run, do not walk, and go read it.

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