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Well, we are reaching the point where open source insurgency, open source terrorism is becoming a world-wide phenomenon. Mass shooting in the US, Germany, France and other places are probably going to become more frequent, along with some other forms of violent like the truck in Nice.

No, it doesn't help to "just have more guns in the hands of civilians" if those civilians don't know how to use them under stress and might hurt innocents, and can also become targets since the law enforcement might not be able to distinguish between good and bad guys. No, we are reaching a point where things like teaching trauma care in schools, having safe locations in each neighborhood and have parents prepare an emergency plan for the family are needed. On top of that we need better trained law enforcement, ready to deal with a shooter that might be trained in war (if it's an Isis terrorist that just returned "home") or someone that was trained for this.

We also need people in this country to understand what is going on in the world and get out of the dumbshit mindset of "I'm an American and I am safe at home". Sadly this is not the case. Learn what is going on.

In Israel, civilians are resilient. Years of having to deal with what the world is beginning to deal with now have taught many lessons. Everyone serves, everyone knows - to some extent - what to do. Everyone is aware of the threats. Even kids playgrounds have safe locations where kids can go hide, and they drill this! Is this a sad way to live, yes. But it is a necessity. And it's now a necessity here as well.

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