AAR GORUCK Challenge Red Teams Edition

On 02 APR 2016, 37 people showed up in Boston, MA for the GORUCK Challenge Red Teams Edition. It was brutal, it was cold, it was wet and it was a lot of fun. 33 finished. 33 got the one patch that will never be up again. 33 people got together, as a team, got after it and came out the other side stronger. Smiling all the way.

A full AAR will follow, but for now here are a few pictures. Keep an eye on this post as I will update it soon.

To all that came, respect!

Right from the start... Dumping the rucks.

You screw up, PT. Simple as that.

And into the duck pond in the Commons. No ducks, no water... Just mud and tons of shit.

What *is* that thing!?

Then to get some added fun...

Covered in the best mud Boston can give... We moved.

Like I said... You screw up... PT.


And Logan making sure that moving is done as a team, if not... well, PT.

Get a little taste of the Charles River... 

But too slow... More PT

Moving again... Urban ops...

Two hours is not enough to get to the X? OK... Some PT will make sure they get their game right.

After some missions... some red teaming and more patrolling... New England weather showed its face. It was cold...

But everyone finished strong!

More pics...

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