A Few Thoughts

I had a conversation with another Red Teamer recently. He and I disagree on many things, but we also agree on the basics.
The quotes below are something we talked about and we both agreed.

  • Stop thinking about the "perimeter". It's too late, the attackers are already inside.
  • Stop thinking about stopping attacks. You can't. They will continue to come. Think about making it harder for them to move inside and get that data. If you focus on stopping them, you will miss their moves.
  • Stop thinking about being able to monitor everything. Red Team this and try to think 2-3 steps ahead and prepare detection and misdirection.
  • Stop thinking about different attackers. An attacker is an attacker.
  • Don't stop learning, preparing, getting stronger and smarter.

So, you want to be a Red Teamer? Again?

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