The multinational and lessons learned

Some time ago, a large multinational corporation approached us. They were concerned with the security of their high level execs and their intellectual property (IP).
After several weeks of discussions, during which we set the tone of the engagement, we finally got the green light to go for it.

This project lasted 19 months and took us to 8 different countries across the globe. We learned a lot. We discovered new techniques, new tools (both digital and physical) and we also came out with a new, more efficient way of analyzing the environment and having a good, solid plan.
The engagement touched all aspects of security: digital, physical and social. The multinational security management was very cooperative, open minded and were ready to help us all the way.

Since this was such a large project, with many lessons learned, we thought maybe we'll spread the posts over the next few weeks. We'll try to create a post detailing one specific lesson learned and why it was important.

Stay tuned this week for the first post in the series.

Have a good one.

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