First Unofficial Quarterly Red Teaming Day

In conjunction with the Red Team Journal, we are pleased to announce the First Unofficial Quarterly Red Teaming Day: 1 July 2015. To celebrate, print, cut out, and consider the list of red teaming questions below. Every quarter, we’ll post a new set of questions for you to think about. Given the tremendous need for more and better red teaming, we hope this is one small way to encourage potential red teamers across all domains to pause for a few moments and red team an immediate problem or issue.

For those who might not be able to access the graphic, here are the questions:

  1. What does my adversary or competitor want most?
  2. What could my adversary or competitor learn or acquire that would allow them to achieve this goal quickly and easily?
  3. What if my adversary of or competitor already knows or possesses this?

Video: red teaming RFID badges

Red Teaming Across Domains