Answer from the a reader

JD replied to the answer I sent him by email.

Here's his answer. I'm posting it because it makes sense.

You make some great points and they really helped to get my thinking back on track. I am really focused on your stage one or prevention and trying to identify the behaviors before they happen. I went back and re-read Left of Bang and got some great perspective after reading about human behaviors.

I am hoping to incorporate your thoughts here with the intent to “Disrupt” a shooters actions and make then feel out of their element when they enter the environment in which they want to carry out their actions. Adding layers into the schools that a shooter did not account for during their recon could alter their plan and hopefully buy some time or ultimately save lives.

Again, thanks for your insight, it did help to bring back a better perspective on my end. I also can’t say enough about your site and content, it is truly great to read. I am a loyal Red Teams follower and even buy your shirts when you have them available. Please keep up the great work, there are people out here counting on you.



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