When in Doubt, Develop the Situation

“Developing the situation is the common-sense approach to dealing with complexity. Both a method and a mind-set, it uses time and our minds to actively build context, so that we can recognize patterns, discover options, and master the future as it unfolds in front of us” – Pete Blaber, The Mission, The Men and Me, 2008

In any new situation when confronted with a problem or things don't go as planned, common sense and/or the Red Team Mindset should be used. It’s important to recognize patterns, discover possible alternatives and options, as well as prepare different solutions based on the analysis.

Developing the situation means innovation and new approaches. Skip the defaults look for new options. A team can truly come together through different ideas based on the intel from the ground or past experience. The best information is real-time situational awareness based on what is actually happening on the ground right now. In order to accomplish this, you have to be open to new ideas. Once information is flowing from the field (by a team member or by direct collection) you can begin to get a context of what’s going on. This collection of intelligence allows you to put the pieces together and plan accordingly.

It’s important that each team member have a say in the planning phase. This is key on small teams. Each member has his/her own interpretation of the information and these different views can provide the next level in developing the situation. Hear what each member has to say about the developing issues and have them state a plan of action and poke holes in your own plan. Develop the situation.

Note: Originally posted on Small Team Tactics.

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