The Corner Spot

Note: This post was posted originally at Small Team Tactics.

It is a good PERSEC consideration to sit in the corner spot on a bar or other public locations. Or at least with your back to a wall. You make sure nobody can sneak up on you. It also provides a good vantage point where you can observe the people and activities around you, check the nearest exit and entrance, and other tricks.

When you are planning an assessment or writing the next project needs, think about the corner spot. What's the safest and easiest way to perform the assessment? What happens if you need an exit? Do you have a quick way to modify the plan or code? is you 6 covered? Are you aware of any problems that might occur outside the scope of the project that might interfere with the outcome? Are you prepared for that? Have you taken the time to look at the problem you are trying to solve from the distance? See all the players around? Do you have a good field of view? 180 degrees? 270?

Sitting in the corner spot has many advantages.

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