On giving a fuck | Patrick Rhone

I don't know where to post this. It fits both in this section and on the Gear section as well. So, I'll post it in the main blog.

My friend Patrick Rhone has yet another incredible post in his personal blog: The Fucks and How We Give Them (A Manifesto).

The older I get, the fewer fucks I’m willing to give.

The fucks I have to give are few, finite, and often fleeting. Therefore, I’m careful about those that I give.

There are only so many fucks one can give in a lifetime anyway.

I only want to give my fucks where they can make a difference.

I am strategic with the fucks I give.

I am intentional with the fucks I give.

Most things we encounter in life are not worth our fucks.

It is a simple post yet it contains so much truth. Go read it.
Oh, and while you are here, check also his post about the GORUCK Challenge (already featured in this blog), thoughts on Final Choices and Sensible Defaults.

Oh, and if you are offended by the word fuck, I don't give a fuck. It's just a word.

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