A time for Red Teaming

Now it was the time for one of the largest finantial firms to be breahed. The breach on JPMorgan Chase should show us all how complex and almost impossible to secure the networks of moderm corporations, banks and other organizations are.

Large corporations still focus on the perimeter security as if this was the do-all-catch-all super security solution. Times have changed, perimeter security - while still necessary - should no longer be the bulk of the effort.
These corporations are beginning to change their tactics and the focus is slowly changing to the threat inside, to the detection, to the safeguard of data inside the network. But the change is slow and systems as a whole remain too complex to any one single IT department to understand. Networks that should be gapped are connected, computers with software that hasn't been updated in a long time, user accounts with old passwords, administrators leaving remote access unprotected... The list goes on and on.

Is it surprising that a group of, apparently, foreing nationals managed to find it's way into JPMorgan's customers sensitive data? No.

Now more than ever is time to utilize the Red Teams. It's time to really pay attention to what's going on inside your house, inside your systems. Red Teams will work together with your IT department, with your seucurity team. Red Teams will help find those weak spots that you forgot to account for.

Red Teaming is needed, now more than ever.

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