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What if you had a team of people whose sole job was to find fault with your thinking?

It's called a Red Team. Used by the CIA, IBM, the Army, news organizations and other businesses, a Red team is a group designed to penetrate your defenses.

This is an old post, not very good but it has some valid points that are worth visiting:

The Red Team finds the problems, risks, and bugs that the insiders miss. In high stakes situations, a Red Team can save you from making a terrible mistake.

A little dramatic but it is essentially true. A good Red Team can look at a solution or plan from a different perspective and provide that extra level of evil thinking that can find the issues that no one found.

Here are three high stakes situations that call for a Red Team:

  1. There's a lot of money at stake.
  2. The decision will be hard to undue.
  3. Someone is rushing you.

The Right Red Team can help you avert disaster. But they're only valuable if you listen to them.

I like her point on #3: "I've learned if someone is pushing for a fast decision, it's often because there's something they don't want you to find out.", yes, a good Red Team can help you make an educated decision on those 3 situations. However, Red Teams are not only good in finding the problems, they are good also in helping you with the solutions. Having a Red Team as an integral part of your planning is a must when the risk is high.

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