11 Year Old Red Teamer

This story was sent by Z, one of the Team's members. His son is older now, but this is what he did when he was 11.

When my son was 11 we lived in Europe. He used to take public transportation to go to school and soccer practice. We would give him money for the tickets and for snacks after practice.
One day he came to my wife and me and said he wated to buy a biology set. It was a very expensive set and we told him that he would have to wait until Christmas for it. He was mad. He wanted it right at that moment, not in December. Well, I told him that he needed to wait patiently.

3 weeks later he came with half the money for the set and he told me that he would pay for half. I was surprised, how did he get the moeney? Well, I asked...

So, apparently the machine that accepted the money for the public transport had a small flaw, my son found out about it after observing the people paying for the tickets in the automated machine, he mentioned that it was trivial to see where the fault was. He decided to exploit that vulnerability and save the money. For 3 weeks he essentially rode free and was able to save the money. He observed, he learned and he acted on what he learned.
While I was proud of him for thinking outside the box, I was not proud of what he did, he cheated the public system and that's not good. So, I told him that the next day he was going to have to talk to the driver, explain what he did and return ALL the money. I would pay for the set, in full.

Man, that boy is something.

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