Leveraging the Team Strength

Each member the team has his or her own strengths. One member might have a better touch when dealing with people, while other member has infinite patiente and can sit in front of a list of hex numbers for hours while reverse engineering a piece of software.
Often these strengths have to do with what they are trained in or previous experiences, however a lot of times this is just natural talent.

As part of the team you have to know your team mates and know who can do what and under what situation. The same applies to you - they need to know what you can do, what you excell in and how do you perform when it counts.

Like I mentioned, sometimes this talent is natural and has nothing to do with how experienced or senior the team member is. Sure, a lot of this comes from experience and junior guys benefit a lot from being paired with a senior member on specific projects, however sometimes the other way around is true. Sometimes a junior guy can bring a lot to the table and senior members need to work under them. Put that guy in charge of planning when it's obvious that he can think differently on that specific subject matter. It'd surprise you the results you can get.

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