Red Teams tshirts

During the day or during the night. It doesn't matter. Bad guys do what bad guys do, and we, as professional red teamers act accordingly. Don your NVGs, and let's go recon some shit.

Professional Bad Guy

NVGs for the win. Recon at night, recon during the day. Recon that shit.

More options available, including hoodies and a mug.

Silent things in dark places

Yes. Silent things in dark places. Yeah, you know, That's the nature of the thing. Oh well, bring it on. In multicam, because, you know, multicam.

More options available.

Running silent, running dark

In an urban environment, a reflection can ruin your recon. A noise can alert your target. You have to run silent, you have to run dark. In multicam black.

Multicam black design. Don't know how it will look on a black tshirt, so other colors available too. Inclusing my favorite, dark grey.

More options available.