Red Teams tshirts

El Dia de los Red Teamers

Just in time for October 31st. Available for limited time! Several options, including long sleeve.


I do stuff. I go places.

Because what do you do for a living? Well, you know, I do stuff… I go places…

Version 2 of the classic shirt. Lady’s version available as well.

Blend in

Blend in, observe the pattern, make a plan and execute!

Different colors and lady’s version as well.

Night ops

Don your night vision and observe the patterns at night. More colors available, as well as long sleeves and lady’s Ts.


A professional adversary. Simple. We always find the way in. We always detect the things that can be exploited. Simple does it.

A simple tshirt, with a simple logo. Look into those green eyes and see the possibilities. Go forth and red team! Other colors and options available.