Great knives
This is the video from the 2012 Emerson Knives Christmas Auction. You can see here some of the best knives Mr. Emerson makes by hand. Great knives. emerson
Emerson Mini A100
Back in October 2013, I wrote about the Emerson Mini A100 After more than a year of hard use, here gloves. Like most Emersons, the Mini A100 is easy to maintain in the field. sharpening and cleaning is on the thumbdisk, that in other Emerson is perfectly placed. In this one, it's too closed to the easy and straight forward. My only complain is the thumbdisk placement. Since this Emerson doesn't Emerson, is great. Simple, not too stiff, not too soft. I mostly just drop the knife inside my front emerson Emerson Mini A100
Emerson Knives - 4 years in
Emerson Knives - 4 years in field, and the full size CQC-8 is currently at Emerson for a much needed service. The CQC-8 is the reached the point where it needed a professional sharpening, cleaning and overhaul. Most Emersons have emerson Back in march 2013, I wrote a review about Emerson Knives. Back then I was already using them in one I use the most in the field and, while Emerson knives are easy to service on the field, it , I added some other Emerson Knives to the collection (you can Search and see, including a few
Emerson Horseman
I thought I needed to see. After some reading I saw that Mr. Emerson also makes a mini CQC-8 called Emerson Horseman emerson : Ernie Emerson, the CQC-8, and Military Issued Knives? History of the CQC-8? And a comparison between the Horseman, CQC-8, and Super CQC-8 It's no secret that I love Emerson Knives. Mr. Emerson makes some of the greatest hard-use knives
Emerson Knives
are big fans of Emerson. As soon as he send me the pictures, it will be up. In the meantime, go visit Emerson's website. Image © Emerson Knives Recently, one of the Red Team members was lucky to have a tour of Emerson Knives. As you know, we
Emerson Knives
Emerson Knives primarily manufactures tactical folding knives with a focus on usability and descendant from the famed CQC-6 hand-made by Emerson. Both feature a tanto blade and are great a very versitile knife. It is a great addition to my kit. CQC-15 Today most Emersons are production an Emerson, but they couldn't decide on the model: one liked the Commander and the other the CQC-7 get an Emerson, but they couldn't decide on the model: one liked the Commander and the other the CQC-7. So initially I bought Two. durability. These knives are among the toughest knives out there. Ernest Emerson makes tactical knives used Emerson Knives emerson
Emerson Mini A100
a fan or Emerson Knives, I checked his website and I found my answer. The Emerson Mini A100. Like all Emerson knives, this knife was built as a weapon, however the slim profile, simplicity of design emerson packs a lot of kick. It's easy to handle, easy to clean and it dissapears in your pocket. Exactly what I was looking for. Another great Emerson design. Emerson Mini A100
Emerson CQC-5
emerson Emerson CQC-5
Custom Emerson CQC-8
Custom Emerson CQC-8 emerson
Emerson CQC-8
Emerson CQC-8 One of the original Emerson CQC-8 Specwar Knives. Circa 1994.
Emerson CQC-6
emerson Emerson CQC-6
Emerson CQC-6
A fantastic picture of one of my favorite knives, the Emerson CQC-6. Via Usual Suspect network/page35) Emerson CQC-6
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emerson A review of the Emerson EDC-1 Multitasker
Speaking of good quality gear...
The Emerson CQC-6. emerson
Emerson Knives EDC-1 Multitool
dissapointment. But then I realized that they are not made by Emerson per-se, they are made by Multitasker, with I am a big fan of Emerson Knives (I own 5). This is, I think, the first multitool to come out from Emerson Knives. It features: Emerson Micro Commander style knife blade with Wave Feature (D2 steel emerson Emerson EDC-1 Multitool A friend recently sent me an Emerson Knives EDC-1 Multitool to try, he knew Emerson helping in the design. Anyway, after about 2 weeks of hard use I like it. It's a tough Emerson Knives EDC-1 Multitool
Emerson A100 and Mini A100
I recently bought 2 ITS Tactical Emerson A100 knives. One for me and one for a fundraising that Emerson A100 and Mini A100
The Titanium Pocket Dump
Today I have a simple EDC that it's made out of Titanium. Tudor Pelagos Emerson Custom CQC-5 Fellhoelter TiBolt Pen Needless to say, it is light. emerson
ITS Tactical Emerson A-100 Knife
ITS Tactical Emerson A-100 Knife emerson offering an ITS Tactical Branded Emerson A-100. The A-100 is one of our favorite knifes (we just Our friends at ITS Tactical partnered with one of our favorite knife makes, Emerson, and now are
Tudor Pelagos
My Tudor Pelagos paired with the Emerson Mini CQC-15 emerson
My GORUCK GR Tac with the Trek patch and the Emerson CQC-7. emerson
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