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Emerson Horseman

​It's no secret that I love Emerson Knives. Mr. Emerson makes some of the greatest hard-use knives I've had the chance to try.

One model I've always been curious about was the CQC-8. The 8 has a distinguished history, one that has a lot do to with special warfare in some of the most unforgiving locations in the world

My visit to RESCO Instruments, 2013 edition

Last year I went to visit RESCO in Coronado, CA. It was a great visit. This year I went to southern CA for work and I figured I pay John and Jeff a visit. They are both fun people to be with and as a plus side, being a watch guy, seeing Jeff work his magic on those Patriots, BullFrogs and Red Circles was a great experience.

So, I crossed the bridged and on I went.

SureFire Illumination Tools

Light is a critical part of field ops. Whether you are performing a recon or trying to prep your gear, having the right light at the right time can be a game changer.

One of the best companies manufacturing lights today is SureFire. Their quality, durability and innovation are legendary. Some of the best special operations units, law enforcement, and high risk teams in the world use these products.