Urban Commuter Kit

Note: Originally posted on Modern Adversary.

A couple of weekends ago, a good friend and former DEVGRU, now turned techie for the win, asked me what was my urban commute kit. The things I carry in my backpack on top of my laptop. Since this is a question I get asked very often, I’ll drop all the contents here, so I can point people to the answer.

One thing, though, like with my digital set, up I go light. I have been trying for several years different combinations, and looping on what works and what doesn’t for me. It might not work for you. Both my friend and I commute to heavily populated urban areas, and it makes sense to have a streamlined backpack, that is out of the way, yet has the right kit to cover your needs.


Pictured above is everything I carry with me, aside from the laptop. The contents are:

That is really it. The kit is simple, yet versatile enough to adapt to many situations. I can move it to a very small backpack (like the Arc’teryx Blade 6 or GORUCK Bullet 10), or to a bigger pack (like a GORUCK GR1) if I need to carry gym stuff, more gear for work.

Check the contents on the Law Industries pouches:

For this setup to work, you need training. Well, you need training regardless, but when you are going light, and rely partially on your kit, and partially on your knowledge and experience, you need to train. Practice.