TAD Sector Polo Review

Now that the temperatures are going down, head over to Triple Aught Design and get one of the Sector Polos.

I'm always looking for better options to normal clothing, and after wearing the Sector all of last fall and winter, I went back, bought 2 more, and now it's one of the pieces that I wear most of the time.
The fit is great, the fabric is comfortable and warm and it adapts to casual and busines casual looks. One thing tho, it's the care. Not easy, it's 75% Powerdry, 25% Wool. The wool part makes it tricky to care for, but if you do it right, you are good to go. AS a plus side, the wood natural odor-resistance makes the washes fewer, as it doesn't stink.

Overall, I managed to go on 3-4 week long trips with 2 of these, without wash, and with minimal to nothing wrinkles.

Highly recommended.

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