Over the past weeks several questions came via Instagram about what I carry, how I carry and where.

A good answer would be: what I need and nothing else.

I tend to go light. I learned to do that a long time ago. The less I carry the better I feel. I rely on my mind, training and the environment. Having said this, I still need tools for my work, personal protection and fun.

Here are few examples of loadouts. From what's on my person, to minimal kit, to activity specific ones.

I carry very little on me.

  • iPhone
  • Saddleback Leather Minimal Wallet
  • Glock 43 and spare mag
  • Rolex Submariner or MKII Paradive
  • Photon Light
  • Emerson A-100 Mini

When I need to go to the office, or when weight and mobility is an issue, I carry very little on a small pack:

  • Laptop and charger
  • iPhone
  • Cable for the iPhone
  • Earphones (mostly for calls when I need to be hand's free)
  • Entry kit (lock picks, etc)
  • Pen

My usual loadout is also pretty small. I carry all in either a GORUCK Echo or Bullet 10:

  • Laptop and charger
  • Phone and earphones
  • Cable for the phone
  • Pen and Notepad
  • SureFire Light
  • GoalZero charger for the phone
  • Emerson Mini CQC-15
  • Entry kit
  • USB Thumbdrive and UBC-C adapter
  • Empty badges (to be used for clonning)
  • Personal trauma kit

This is an example of what I would carry when doing a realtively easy physical security assessments.

  • TAD Rain jacket
  • Laptop + charger
  • Binos, scopes, and other small optics (in the longer pouch and inside the CPL24 pack
  • Notepad and pen
  • RF equipment inside the pouch
  • Knife, gun and trauma kit

I might add a warm jacket and some other random kit, but this is pretty much it.

As you can see, I try to go as light as I can. Rule 7: Simple and light equals freedom, agility and mobility.

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