Question from a reader

CH asked: Hey, this is Sgt C. Last time we worked together you guys helped us in Khost, on FOB [redacted]. You had a compact kit with you and I was wondering if you could share this with me.

Hey C, good to hear from you!
If I remember correctly this is what I carried then (apologies for the low quality picture, I just grabbed what I could find to make a hasty picture):

So, I had a plate carrier (thanks Bryan at ITS Tactical!) with:

  • 3 mags for the m4
  • Holster for the Glock 19 and 2 mags attachment
  • A small ruck with:
  • Source hydration 3L bladder (not in the picture)
  • Notepad and cover - Rite in the Rain
  • Secondary IFAK: ITS Tactical ETA kit
  • Small pouch with SERE kit: inside the pouch there is cash, gold coins and some other items. And inside the patch, the SERE kit
  • Comms (not in the pic): MBITR and other radios
  • Light weight softshell jacket
  • On my pants:
  • Primary IFAK and tourniquete
  • Main SERE kit
  • Benchmade AFO II knife

And my issued M4.


Benchmade AFO II

Loadout: Alpine