Law Industries Mini SERE Pouch MKII

During the past few years, we've revied the original Law Industies Mini SERE Pouch, we've featured it in more than one occasion, and it has become one of our main pieces of kit.
Law Industried even offerened a discountto all Red Teams readers.

As it is customary with good gear that is used in the field, they have now worked on the feedback given to them by users, and the new Mini SERE Pouch MkII just got released.

The MKII on the left and the original on the right

The new version is made out of a laminate material with a new and improved hook and loop system that features a quieter operation. The overall result is a thinner, stronger and much more durable pouch.


Here I'm using it to hold my minimal entry kit. WIth all the items inside, it is still thin and can be hidden anywhere.

The original, even empty, was quite thick. Here you can see a Mini CQC-15 with the MKII and the original side by side. The new version is overall much better built.

I've tried the new version over the course of two projects in recent weeks, and the quieter operation, the traction the new materal offers, and the stretchier construction, makes for a better experience. Especially when your hands are numb or under stress.

The new MKII pouch has become the Team's go to pouch for the minimal entry kit that we call carry on our survival tools. Featured below:

  • Mini Go-Tube with digital attack tools
  • Ultimate Sere Velcro Patch
  • MKII SERE Pouch (entry tools)
  • Small pouch to fit all (featured here in Multicam, but usually it's a non-descript black pouch)

Overall a great update. If you have the chance to upgrade, or if you are looking for a small pouch for your SERE gear or entry kit, check Law Industries. They have a collection of other items that I'm sure you'll find useful too.

Highly recommended.

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