Bluffworks Meridian Dress Shirt

© Bluffworks

© Bluffworks

Bluffworks recently launched its Meridian Dress Shirt on Kickstarter.

If you are familiar with our blog, you know we love the clothing that Bluffworks makes. We had reviewed the Blazer and the Chinos and we wear them constantly across a variety of activites, from business meetings to recon days.
So, when Bluffworks sent us a prototype of the new Meridian Dress Shirt we knew it was going to be good.


This prototype is not final, but it is a good approximation to the fit and feel of the end product. So we are confident that our test will be accurate to the actual product, once it's released.

The shirt features a fabric that is high performance, machine washable, barely wrinkles, and it has a cotton dress shirt look that will make you perfectly ready for any event.
The shirt we have was worn over a 4 day period of very active combinations of business meetings, flights, hotels, 2 recon overnight activities and some hanging out at the bar. We never washed it and no smell.
Like all other Bluffworks items, we packed it on our rucks, and when we needed them, out they came, wrinkle free and ready.


The shirt we received is a slim fit version. Fits great. The collar is stiff without being too hard on your neck. And the ability of remove the collar stays, make it great to turn a dress shirt (with a tie) into a lazy afternoon shirt, with jeans.
However, when you pair this shirt with Bluffwork's Chinos. Well, it's a great combo.

One thing to notice, at least on the prototype, is that if you are planning on wearing this shirt untacked, it'll go down you six a little too much. The shirt's back is a little too long.


So, how did the shirt performed after a week of abuse? Well, let's say that when the final product comes out, we'll be buying a bunch. The shirts are so versatile, easy to care and look so good that it could probably replace any shirt we wear to the field and while on business. The shirt never felt cumbersome, never smelled, the synthetic material doesn't feel like you are wearing a plastic bag, and it looks good. With enough stretch to move freely and with patterns that are both modern and classic, this shirt really performed across the board.

Check them out.



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