6 years of GORUCK

About 6 years ago I bought my GORUCK GR1 and Echo. Since then I've added to my collection several rucks, pouches, hats, duffle bags and brick bags.

I took the GORUCK Challenge with my original GR1, I took it to AFG, less than permissive environments in Africa, Asia and other nasty places. It is still here.
The same with the GR2, GR0, Echo, Radio Ruck, Bullet 10 and Bullet 15. The same with every piece. A GR0 (now called GR1 Short) saved my life when the plate I put inside the hydration bladder pocket stopped a knife when I was clearing a room in the middle east.

They are all still here.
Yes, with scars. But they are here.

So, here's to Jason and all the folks at GORUCK: thank you for making the best gear. Thank you for doing it here in the USA. Keep on kicking ass!

Petzl Tactikka+

ITS Tactical ETA Trauma Kit