GORUCK Bullet 10 - 8 months review

So, it's been over 8 months since I began using the GORUCK Bullet 10 as my day ruck. I thought maybe it was a good time to write about it.

The Bullet 10 is a simple, tough and highly functional dayruck built around a 3L hydration bladder. The original idea was to create a hydration ruck, however the Bullet 10 proved to be much more than simply a hydration ruck.
With a volume of 10L, this is a small ruck, however if you know how to pack light you can even travel with it.

Currently made out of 500D CORDURA, mine is still 1000D CORDURA. Like all GORUCK gear, it's made in the USA by American workers and using US-made materials. Quality and attention to details reign.

The Bullet 10 is a streamlined ruck that would fit short and tall people, and can adapt to any environment.

Like I mentioned, I've been using the Bullet 10 as my day ruck almost exclusively and it's been surpringly good.

The ouside of the ruck is completely brand-free, like all GORUCK products. The front of the ruck has a 3x2 piece of Velcro so you can attach any patch, if you want to. It also has 3 rows of MOLLE webbing to further customize the ruck by attaching pouches or hooking stuff using biners or other things.
It gives the ruck a very toned-down look that is great. You don't stand out.

Yes, silent zipper pulls (US-made YKK zippers) make your movement more silent and the tubing added to the pulls allows you to grab it and open the ruck under all conditions.
The ruck has a zippered pocket where you can stash your small items for easy access. I usually put here my phone, ID cards and knife (for easy access).

While the Bullet 10 is not waterproof, the CORDURA fabric is highly water resistant and I never had any issues with my gear getting wet, including the laptop (see below).

Moving to the inside.
The ruck opens flat, which is a great feature to have to get to your gear fast and to pack it better. There is not a lot of real state in this ruck and there is no padding, so you have to be careful if you bring things that might break, like cameras or leses. Use some padding or GORUCK's Field Pockets. I use a Radio Ruck Field Pocket here to carry the Get Home Bag Kit. And I have a ITS Tactical EDC Trauma kit just in case.

The two zippered pockets let me organize the small gear. Up top in the closed pocket I put usually the flash light and pen, maybe my keys too. On the mesh pocket, I usually stash a phone charger or laptop charger. It's easy to see what's inside. That's about it. I doin't carry a lot with me.

You can see here the only branding in the entire ruck. Perfect.

The ruck comes with draining holes. It is afterall a hydration ruck. It helps if you are in the field and you get in the water, but if you use this as an everyday ruck, like I do, some dirt and stuff will eventually find its way inside. I hope maybe in the future, GORUCK will let you chose whether to have them or not.

The handle is a simple piece of webbing, but that's ok. It's a ruck that was not designed to carry a lot of weight. You can go rucking with it, but be sure to top it at about 30Lb (~14Kg) just to be on the safe side.

The ruck as a second compartment, next to your back, where you can stash your hydration bladder. It doesn't open flat, and it's not padded. I use this compartment to carry my MacBook Air 11". I keep the laptop safe by putting it inside a neoprene sleeve that protect the laptop from both hits and water that might come in from the drain hole.

Here's the button used to lock the hydration bladded in place.

And my MacBook Air.

The straps of the ruck are comfortable and they will get even more comfortable the more you use the ruck. The CORDURA and the way the straps are built, will cause them to mold to your shoulders. Believe me, when you are moving fast and wear this for a long time, it does make a difference.
The ruck, like all GORUCK rucks, comes without any hip belt or sternun strap. You don't need it. Sinch this tight and the ruck will not move. It is built right.

Overall, I have no complains about this ruck. It performs as a hydration ruck, in the field or as a day ruck. Seriouly, for that money and the quality you get, you can't not get one.

Jason has a Bullet 10 Explained post on the GORUCK website that, like all his explained posts, painstakingly explains the reasoning behind every feature. Check it out.

He also explains how to use and pack the Bullet 10 in the video below.

Highy recommended.

Packing light with a GORUCK Bullet 10

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