Tudor Pelagos

I've written about the Tudor Pelagos Before. But I wanted to stop one second and write a better review of the Pelagos after almost two years of wearing it non-stop.

The Pelagos continues the tradition of quality diving precision instruments set by the older brothers, the Tudor Submariners.
Made almost entirely of Titanium, the first one that Rolex makes in this material, the Pelagos is not only a tool watch, but since the case and bracelet are brushed, the classy finish makes this watch also nice with a dress shirt and everything in between. However, this watch was made to be abused, and abused it I have.

One of the features that set this diving watch appart from other ones is the specially designed diving clasp. Not only it can self-adjust when you are diving and the pressure changes, but it also makes wearing the watch with the bracelet more comfotable. It is a 21st century bracelet.

By the way, this is the only part of the watch and bracelet (metal parts) that is not made of Titanium. I found that it's easier to scratch. But that's ok, it gives the watch character.

Water resistant to 500 meters, it comes with a thick Sapphire crystal and ceramic bezel. The lume is simply amazing.

I've taken the watch to field projects and ice climbing. It has been to cities and bases around the world, some with sub-freezing temperatures and some with temperatures that melted a water bottle to the seat of the car.
It has been banged, scratched, press and some more stuff that would make your watch cry for help. It has some scratches now, and you can see the bracelet wear but it still ticking strong at around 6 seconds a day. Very good for the ETA movement that powers the Pelagos.

At some point I thought this watch would make me a one watch man, and for 10 months it was, but still, I prefer to wear other watches sometimes.

Yet, this watch can easely fit the one-watch-man requirements. It is a badass watch.

I wear it every day and it still makes me smile every time I check the time.

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