Salomon Speedcross 3

I've been wearing a pair of Salomon Speedcross 3 to run on the trails and train for the past 6 months. I love it.

The Speedcross 3 is a lightweight, grippy trail shoe that provides surprising stability over nasty terrain. It offers the right amount of cushioning and traction on muddy tracks, loose dusty roads and snow fields. It also serves as a lightweight hiking shoe if you are a pack light, go fast kind of guy.


These shoes breath OK and dry relatively fast, however they are not the best shoes for summer. They do well, but I would go with something a little more open. Having said this, I wore them on an op in the desert in the summer and they were great.
I've worn the shoes on city runs as well, although, like Bryan mentioned at ITS Tactical this might cause the soles to wear off faster. These shoes were designed for the trail, not the asphalt. Also, i've worn them during crossfit sessions and other activities and they have also performed great.

The speedlacing system that Salomon uses is very convinient and it stays put even under the worst conditions. I like that. I've had issues with trail shoes from La Sportiva and Patagonia where the laces simply come undone in the worst possible time.

Overall this is a great pair of shoes that can adapt to many activities.

Highly recommended.

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