Olivers Shorts

Some of you know that I like to travel light. That doesn't mean that I don't bring what I need.
I usually bring a pair of shorts to workout whenever possible, either at the hotel or gym, or outside for a run when weather or environment permits. I also bring a pair of shorts, during the summer, when I need to just hangout or blend. These two activities usually required me to bring two different pairs, my running shorts are just that, running shorts and they are not fit for a casual drink at the bar. It's not a big deal, but since I'm always trying to find gear that is multi-purpose, when a friend mentioned the Olivers Shorts, I just went for it.

The shorts were designed with multi-purpose activities in mind. The fit is tailored, meaning it is slim. As it should be, in my book. This fit will make the short comfortable both during workouts and on everyday wear. The slim fit would also make these shorts look good when you are wearing them with a polo during a relaxing afternoon.

The guys at Olivers Apparel used quality fabrics to make the shorts. They used a soft-shell-like blend of 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex giving a 4 way stretch to the fabric. They also added water repellent treatment. The pockets are made of 66% Nylon and 34% Spandex using Ballistic Mesh. The drawstring is made of mil-spec paracord and they added hard plastic at the end. Simple design, dry fast, comfortable and built to last.

And made in the USA.

The shorts come inside a handy pouch (which I'm using now to store all my workout clothing when travelling).

Below you can see the bartacked pockets. They have reinforced the preassure points around the pockets and other places.

Paracord used as a drawstring, a simple addition but makes the difference. The bright red is a great way to find it when you are getting ready super early in the morning for the 4am PT and don't want to wake your lady up by turning the lights on... Believe me... Red is good.
The ballistic mesh that forms the pockets, also red, drains well and it's really breathable.

Another cool feature? Like GORUCK, their only label is on the inside of the shorts. No other visible labels anywhere. This is a cool feature.

After having tried these shorts during workouts, runs, in the pool and as an everyday short, I'm very happy. In fact I'm buying another pair in a different color.

One thing to mention, though, is the fabric noise. Like most soft-shell-like fabrics, it makes noise when brushed against something or when you walk. A minor thing, but worth noting.

Go check them out.

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