The GORUCK GR0 has become my go-to bag for traveling, carrying gear for recon (cameras, electronics, etc), rucking and a lot more.
With the same features as the original ruck, the GR1, and with the same proportions, the GR0 features a volume of 21 liters. Plently of room to carry gear.

If you are not sure whether you get a GR0 or a GR1, GORUCK explains: If you’re under 6 ft (1.83m) tall: GR0. If you’re 6 ft or taller: GR1.

I've already written a review of the GR0, however I wanted to mention here something interesting that happened.

Several months ago we were training with a military unit when the vehicle that was coming our way bringing 2 of the team members and 2 members of the unit we were training with, suddenly lost control and crashed head on with a roadside tree. The reason, we later discovered, was the lost of steering on the steering wheel. We ran to the vehicle. I had my GR0 strapped to my back and one of the soldiers had a bulky 3 days pack strapped to his. As we reached the car, I opened the doors and after a second I forced myself into the back seat so I could unbuckle the seat belts of the people in the back. I entered from the right, while the soldier entered from the left side of the car. The low profile of the GR0 allowed me to slide right in, unbuckle the seatbelt and extract one of the soldiers in the back of the car. On the other side, the soldier that was trying to do the same found after several tries, that his pack was on the way, so he had to stop, get his pack off and try again. Granted, this wasn't a big emergency, however precious seconds always count.
We did the same with the people in the front, after deflating the airbags and called the base's medical team.

Everyone was ok, just some bruises.

Lesson learned? Having a GR0 (or a GR1) with its slim profile can save a life someday.

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