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Checking your customers via open IP cameras

If you’re in public, you’re on camera. If you walk into a coffee shop, the owner gets you at the register. Visit a larger store, and chances are they have your face as soon as you cross the threshold. At least one or two of your neighbors catch you on camera when you walk around your neighborhood, and many cities monitor traffic using red light cameras at major intersections. The question is no longer if you’re on camera, but rather how many different angles you were caught on while going about your day.   

With so much monitoring taking place, and with surveillance systems gaining more online functionality every year, it’s natural that securing these systems would become… complicated. And that many many are secured incorrectly or not at all. Because so many cameras and surveillance systems are completely open, it’s possible for anyone with Internet access to watch literally thousands of cameras online using only Google and a kindergartener’s understanding of the ‘Net. With a little time and patience, almost any given system, from a set of residential cameras to those used by your local police, can be accessed, viewed, and even reset if not properly secured. Of course, if you can do this, it means that anyone can do it. Feel safer yet?

​There has been a lot of talk about drones lately. There is no doubt that they are a valuable asset in the current war and they will most likely have a central role on upcoming wars.

But there is another kind of drone. The digital counterpart.

Digital drones are sophisticated little programs that hackers and security penetration testers have been using for years to recon their targets, to collect information, to download and upload malicious or utility code, to control the remote system or to attack it. They can also deliver a payload, execute it and self destroy.  

This is not new, we've been using these kind of programs to attack/recon since the 90s, however due to the increase support for more intelligent interfaces on operating systems, the drones too have gotten more intelligent and capable through the years.