I have some big boots to fill

Hi, my name is Wayne and I have to admit I never thought the day would come when Uri would hang up his blog boots. But that day has come and I am not even going to try fill those mighty boots, but I hope to keep bringing you the content that you all expect. As some of you may already know, I am from Australia and have been involved in red teaming for over ten years, both inside Australia and out. I have a small team that I work with and over time, I will be introducing them. First things first, I just wanted to get a couple of things out there so you know what’s happening:

  • With the patch, it will never be for sale so please don’t ask me or Uri. I don’t even have one myself and I will not be giving the team or myself one.
  • I will continue with the Red Teams t-shirts, both old and new designs, the same way Uri did.
  • The Red Teams Podcast will continue the way it is, with the guys running that for as long as they want to continue doing it.
  • I plan to blog about Red Teaming in four different areas: Physical, Digital, Social and Supply Chain.
  • Amongst other things, I am planning to talk about the gear we use when we are traveling, along with what works and what does not.
  • I will be looking after the Red Teams Instagram & Twitter account. I will do my best to keep them active.
  • And the most important bit, if you are not happy with how I am doing, please tell me and I will do my best to rectify it.


Handing over the blog