Anyone wants to take over the blog?

At this point, I am so busy that I can't take care of the blog as much as I would like to.
So, I am looking for some one to take over the blog.

And no, it's not just come in and I'll give it to you, and that's it. No. I put a lot of personal effort as well as money, since it was opened in 2009. The blog has a reputation, an image and over 100K followers. Everyone knows the logo, they know what that Oni is and what it stands for.

So, what this means is, that if you want it, I'll sell it to you. With all, the content, the right to the logo (yes, you can make as many patches as you want and sell them), and the site/domain.
If you are interested, send me a message via the contact form. If you are serious, you'll write what you think this is worth. Don't ask how much it is. You know how much it is.

EDIT 2/15/19

A reader sent a question asking why and asking not to "sell it", here's the answer and I thought it would be good to write it here too:

"I appreciate it, but here’s the thing: I can’t maintain this anymore and it’s either someone taking over or closing it altogether. Since I don’t want to see it rot and slowly die, I put too much effort and money over the years, I opted for the former. And for the reason I just stated, I opted to sell it, not just handled it. For two reasons: first, if the new person pays, then he or she has a personal investment on the site and maybe it will continue to grow. And second, like I said, I put a lot of effort and my own money into this, and maybe with the money I can do some good. There are a few organizations I would like to support, and friends that I would like to help launch stuff.

make sense?"

EDIT 2/16/19

As a reader pointed out:

"What about the idea of selling it to a qualified, Uri-vetted group of red teamers, as opposed to an individual, and making it more communal?"

The answer is: even better.

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