National Security in Three Diagrams and Six Takeaways | Red Team Journal

Now, if you only had one article to read about Red Teaming a year, then this one should be it.

Our friends are the Red Team Journal have a fantastic post. I will not write a quote about it. No. I will just list their six points.

just go there and read it.

  • Money isn’t the answer, but it’s now part of the problem.
  • Point strategies yield a false sense of security but often cost more and yield less than pattern strategies.
  • Adversaries with fewer resources but more perceptive pattern strategies continue to give us a run for our money.
  • Point red teaming leads to point strategies.
  • Pattern red teaming encourages pattern strategies.
  • To beat these sorts of adversaries, we need better pattern strategies.

Concepts for the Red Team Mindset: Pattern Red Teaming

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