ID Cards and Badges

A few readers asked me about the ID cards we carry, what they are and how we make them.

Well, there are two types: actual working cards and fakes. When we have a chance to have access to a real ID card or badge, we try to duplicate the card. Not only the pictures, logo or general appearance, but the actual working badge. This can be done by using an RFID dumplicate machine (you can get some small ones that you can carry with you), or copying the magnetic information in the card. In cases where the card has a chip, the copying of the information get a little more complex but it can be done.

Sometimes, though, we don't have time to copy the whole badge. in cases where we are in the middle of a physical entry and we need to get access and a guy in the team can snatch a badge, we just copy the digital information into a blank badge. Some other times we don't have access to the badge, but we can take high-resolution pictures from one and then we can use a graphic desing software to create our own. These of course will not open a door, but when walking inside a target it looks good to have in hanging on you.

That's all.

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