Episode 028: A Red Team Engagement


We walk through all the stages of a red team engagement, providing tips and pointing at the things to consider. From the initial exposure and how to begin understanding the target, all the way to the delivery of the findinings and how to do it.

Episode 027: Questions


We answer a couple of questions and discuss the benefits of helping the Blue Team after the engagement is done.

Apologies for the background noise. We had a ceiling fan going, it was hot.

Episode "Paul"

Red Team Podcast Paul.jpg

We talk to Paul about stuff... Mostly NOT about red teaming... This was supposed to be released as episode 18, but as you will see, it went to many different places. A ton of interesting intel, points of views and geo-political stuff, but not red teaming.

Episode 000000: Story Time


We go into story time mode. Episode 20 will be recorded live in NYC, so here are a few stories from past projects, with red teaming examples. WARNING: lots of cursing. If you don't like two guys just telling stories and cursing here and there, skip this episode.