Alright, I think we have a few stories that have been sanitized enough to be posted. They'll start coming in the next couple of days.

In the meantime I wanted to write about a small idea that has been circulating in the Team War Room for a while: a Red Teaming Community. The idea is to have an organization composed of Red Teamers (from different parts of life) that would work toward promoting the need for Red Teaming across the board, and would help its members when they need Red Teaming services or related help. The idea is that if any of the community's members across needs consulting help about a subject, hands-on experience or any other form of help a member of the community will try to help when possible.

How would you become a member of this community? Every person that sends a story to the Guerilla Red Team section, will get a special card we are crafting. This card will make that person or organization a member of the community. The cards will anonymous and will need to be presented when help is needed.

The aim here is twofold:

  • Have a community of Red Teamers that would spread the need for Red Teaming, and
  • Have a community of members that help each other, making Red Teaming better.

We all learn and benefit from this.