Introducing the new Red Teaming community

Last week we introduced the Red Teaming Community idea. The basic idea is to have an organization composed of Red Teamers - ranging from civilians to military and everything in between - that would work toward promoting the need for Red Teaming in today's world. However, this community would also have a secondary purpose, one we think is very important: The members of this community will provide other members with Red Teaming and related help when the need arises.

We asked many of the people that already sent stories and they are all in.

But we want to keep this within the family, so we are in the process of making a simple calling card, high quality, that will be given to each person that send a story to the Guerrilla Red Team. This card will be his membership and if he or she needs helps, he just need to show this and the rest will follow.

We have been working with many readers on a possible logo for this card, and after a few possible options, here's the logo that is being printed:


Created by DG, a long time reader. He has been extremely patience with all of us and he managed to grab all the comments (mine and the Team's) and get a simple logo that was based also on the Oni idea, similar to the Red Teams logo, but with some elements of a Tengu (as suggested by another reader, CCh).

Thank you DG (and CCh for the extra info)!

Personally, I think the card will look really good.