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Don’t Be a Target: Travel Smart | RE Factor Tactical

When traveling to unfamiliar areas, whether it be a new city within the United States or traveling abroad, it’s important to travel smart in order to not present yourself as an easy target. The main topic to keep in mind when traveling: Blend in. We’ve all been there, walking around in a familiar city and you can easily pick out a tourist. Map and camera in hand, asking for direction, closely studying the local public transportation maps at each stop or enjoying the sights and sounds of their newly found attraction, while the locals are hustling by. The next few topics are those that should be researched and studied before traveling to keep yourself from being an easy target.


I decided to post every day's workout. A lot of people ask about this so... Here's the first workout at my personal blog.

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Comms Plans | RE Factor Tactical

Essentially, while you may not have all the different modes of communication as a civilian that the military does, the key is to recognize the possible weak link in your plan and adjust accordingly to minimize its effects. Whether by bringing that annoying little FRS radio with you in addition to your phone, or just planning a check-in schedule and rally point for your family if you anticipate getting split up during a planned or emergent event, having a good communications plan can go a long way towards peace of mind and mission success.